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FFBH key facts include:

Founded in March 1991, First Financial Brokerage House (FFBH) is the first brokerage house in Bulgaria;

FFBH activities are regulated and governed both by the Financial Supervision Commission and Bulgarian National Bank;

FFBH is a licensed broker for transactions on the Bulgarian and international capital markets, holding license No RG-03-0015/21/02/2006, issued by the Financial Supervision Commission. FFBH has EUR 750 000 registered capital and over EUR 6.0 mln of equity capital as of December 2011;

FFBH is a member of, and a shareholder in, the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Sofia, holding 4 brokerage seats and market share of over 10% since year 2000;

FFBH is a member of the Central Depository and the Bulgarian Association of Licensed Investment Intermediaries;

FFBH’s team comprises more than 25 professionals grouped into corporate finance and advisory, brokerage and asset management services;

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