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Тhe return is calculated on net asset value per unit. According to Bulgarian Association of Asset Management Companies’ methodology, the return for periods less than one year is not annualized

Asset Allocation (02.06.2020)

Equity Allocation (02.06.2020)

FFBH Vostok

The first Bulgarian mutual fund focused on Russia and CIS countries. FFBH Vostok offers Bulgarian private and institutional investors a quick and cheap access to an actively-managed, diversified portfolio of Russian stocks whose performance is significantly correlated with commodity prices.

NAV NAV/unit Daily return Annual return YtD return Issue price Redemption price
727 717 0.6816 1.13% -3.55% -12.56% 0.6850 0.6782

Prices for orders submitted on 02.06.2020

*The issue price is for subscriptions of up to BGN 100,000, while the redemption price is applied for investments held less than 12 months. All prices are valid for orders submitted before 16:00 on the previous business day in Bulgaria.

Investment objectives, strategy and policy

The primary investment objective of FFBH Vostok is to achieve long-term growth of its unit price above the average performance of the Russian market...

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Subscription and redemption procedures

The investors can subscribe units of FFBH Vostok in FFBH Asset Management’s office (see map), and in all branches of Fibank, entered in the register kept by FSC.

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