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Apr’18 exports grew 6.8%, the four month deficit increased 35.8%

Bulgaria’s Apr’18 exports (FOB) to third countries declined for a sixth straight month, falling by 9.7% YoY to BGN 1.3bn while the imports (FOB) rebounded and increased by 2.4% YoY to BGN 1.6bn. Exports to the EU in Apr’18 surged by 16.1% YoY, reaching BGN 2.9bn, while the imports rose by 9.4% YoY to BGN 3.1bn. Total Apr’18 exports were up 6.8% YoY to BGN 4.1bn, while total imports increased by 6.9% YoY to BGN 4.2bn, netting a trade deficit of BGN 0.5bn as much as it was in the base year. The four months total exports added 3.5% YoY, reaching BGN 16.6bn while total imports grew 6% YoY, reaching BGN 18.5bn. The trade deficit for the period widened by 35.8% YoY to BGN 1.9b.

Source: NSI; FFBH

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